Credits backdating

I can’t see that Reg 26 means that the request for a backdate has to be made within a certain timescale.

My client is a single claimant and I think he meets reg 26 3 (b) under disability due to mental health.Hi I am doing my first UC appeal and just wanted some advice please. uk to see what they could claim and filled out what I think was an ESA1 for new style ESA printed it off and walked into a local job centre and the job centre took the paperwork and ‘sent it off’.My client at the time was recently diagnosed with lymphoma and had to stop working as a self employed plasterer. 3 weeks went by and they were rung and told they had claimed the wrong benefit and had to claim UC, which they did and asked for it to be back dated to the date that they had mistakenly claimed new style ESA.Although there is no time limit in reg 26, you are limited by the normal rules for revisions or possibly the rules for amending a claim: Your request to backdate was a request to revise the original decision and change the date entitlement starts.Generally that request has to be made within the time limit for an “any grounds” revision.

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