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PHOTOS: We kick things off with the ladies of UK Dream Wrestlers as they do battle vs the opposite sex.Intense fight action is up next with the Sexy Fight Dreams beauties.Rough and tumble ring action from Rumble Matreshka as the Russian ladies lay it all out.Oxfighterz bring us a stunning photo set of their ladies in action!Over at Defeated Sexfight the women fight to determine who is the toughest in their own special way ;) But over at Defeated XXX it's all or nothing when these sexy ladies tangle up! And down south of the borders, the tough gals from Mexico aren't shy to dominate their opponent by any crushing means.And finally but not least, the buxom ladies at Catfight Connection establish their dominance with any means available as they defeat their opponents!And there you have it, lots of action, adventure and entertainment from around the world of female combat sports! Another great update awaits you this week from around the world of female combat sports (and more)! PHOTOS: We kick things off in the photo gallery with some ring action featuring the gorgeous ladies at UK Dream Wrestlers. Putting the delicious squeeze on their opponents, the girls of OXFIGHTZ show off their skills!Topless Russian ladies in the ring is up next from Rumble Matreshka. Waldo returns this week with more 3D GFX stories from Merlin's Kingdom where no pixels are harmed!

Stories: This week we have quite a few stories from your favourite authors of Female Fighting Sports.Waldo is back from more intense digital fight action artwork from Merlin's Kingdom, showcasing some of his recent commissioned work.Krak Monster Productions returns to our gallery with more combat action, while the Italian Female Wrestling ladies get in deep with their opponents in the ring and on the mats.We welcome back Wolfboy with his 3 latest stories, Raycat, Scissor Man, Tom Ace, Aristocatch, Barfly6363 and a new author Mike Mas3.If the authors have left their email addresses on their pages, please do drop them a line with your comments as they would like to hear from you as this will help them with their new stories.

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