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I have many fantasies about my wife with other men and when I am at home alone, it’s very difficult not to let my mind drift and to start thinking about all the nasty, sexy things she could be getting up to.

To give you some idea, one fantasy involves us being in bed (we always sleep naked), she reading a book or doing something on her phone and me just watching You Tube videos when in comes a guy – either someone we know and we see on a regular basis or someone she has met online and invited back to our home.

There are many motivating factors that attracts a woman to the cuckold lifestyle.

Less often, some women suggest introducing an alternative intimate lifestyle for the sexual variety into their marriage/relationship.

Often, when I’m watching these videos online, I’ll be imagining my wife as the woman in the video having fun with the other guy and if that doesn’t tip me over the edge, then I will turn to our private collection, watch some of the footage that we have collected over the years and that never fails to make me cum in less than five minutes.

At one end of the scale, she could be getting roughly fucked in a way that I am unable to do so.

I don’t know why she loves me but the “not knowing” part makes me love her more.

I don’t like the term cuckold or cuckolding but as a husband in this type of relationship, do I get a choice?

Before society looked upon itself and determined that people who have sex with more than one person were “bad people”.

The theory behind this syndrome is that our brains want to see our women have sex with others to encourage more sex to ensure the survival of the human race.

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