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She also appeared in one episode of Wizards of Waverly Place (the episode, "The Supernatural") and she starred in the Disney Channel original film Starstruck (2010). Since 2012, Kane has co-starred as Riley Perrin in the ABC Family sitcom Baby Daddy.She played the role of Stella Malone, the stylist and long time best friend of the band J. Kane was one of the celebrity contestants in season 12 on the American ballroom competition Dancing with the Stars.She also performed two of the songs on the film's soundtrack. In 2010, Kane filmed a web series called The Homes written and directed by John Cabrera. In 2012, Kane joined the cast of the final season of The CW's One Tree Hill in a recurring role.In 2008, she starred in the Disney Channel original film, Minutemen, as Stephanie Jameson. She played a character named Tara, who is a love interest for Kane's real life ex-boyfriend Stephen Colletti's character, Chase.Chelsea Kane Staub was born in Phoenix, Arizona on 15 September 1988. She went on to guest star in the television series Cracking Up, Listen Up! Kane made her professional acting debut in the 2001 short film entitled Failure of Pamela Salt.Kirstie still managed to receive praises from the judges.“You didn’t miss a beat,” said Carrie Ann with Bruno adding she did “amazingly well.”Kendra Wilkinson continued to disappoint after being declared the favorite to win the show before the premiere.

But after her and Ballas' heart-to-heart about his 'tude towards Len Goodman, Kane says the duo is "clicking better ever." 's Kym Johnson lands in the hospital Were you taken aback when Mark kept talking back to Len? We've had fun every week, but the pressure started to build up and we were getting wrapped up in what the judges were going to say. Kane: Yeah, the funny thing is that we've been so out-of-the-box that now when we go traditional, people are like, "Whoa! " Mark really comes up with choreography based on what the music gets out of him.Chelsea Kane: When you spend 10 hours every day in the rehearsal studio, just leaving blood, sweat and tears on the dance floor to come up with something really amazing to perform, and to have someone go, "Eh, I didn't really get it," it hurts a little. The minute we start stressing and being frustrated, we've lost sight of why we're here. We want to put on performances that not only made the judges happy, but the audience, who are 12 seasons in and are looking for something different. I mean, when you get Deadmau5 and Harry Potter, you really gotta go with it!The pressure builds ups and Mark is extremely passionate, and I think that's why his dances are so amazing and why he got so upset with Len. ['s Chelsea Kane dating Stephen Colletti Is there anything you're working on improving this week? The cha-cha — making it straight-legged and technically perfect. So far, Kirstie Alley has been such a fan-favorite with her cha-chas that we definitely have serious competition! I'm glad these [two] dances are coming toward the end of the run, now that I'm a little more comfortable in my own skin and a little more comfortable with Mark and being out on the dance floor. We're putting in every ounce of effort we can to make it there. You don't want to go home when there are still opportunities to dance. I think we can do something great in the freestyle. We have the rumba and Argentine tango, which are unlike anything we've ever done before, so it's not like we can really incorporate moves we've used in other dances. Are you more focused on the individual dances or the cha-cha? Usually first, second and third place are only separated by a few points.I think with Argentine tango — just making it sexy and not overly aggressive and selling that. Are you thinking about the finals at all or are you just concerned with the semis right now? The ideas we have for the freestyle are ridiculous!

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