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“I have one client who’s a yoga fanatic and whose last boyfriend was a huge meat-eater and she was not, and it was a problem for her,” says love-life coach Lindsay Chrisler, “and now she’s dating another yogi.” For most people though, there’s some wiggle room—you just have to find it.

“That’s what being in a relationship is about—compromising from that loving place,” says Chrisler. Do NOT evangelize So you love plant-based everything and the transformative power of your workout.

Packard is a professional dating coach, radio personality, entertainer and international touring speaker.

“I almost broke up with a guy because of his sunglasses before I started doing all of this work. “I have another client who doesn’t like the way her partner chews his food.” So if it’s not his unhealthy habits, it’ll be something else.

“It’s probably bullshit,” says Packard, who takes a more get-real approach to love coaching.

“People are manipulative.” Is it really that you secretly hope endless ab exercises will make him look more like Ryan Gosling?

We spoke with Chrisler and her husband Daniel Packard, also a dating and relationships coach, to get their couple-approved advice on how to date someone who doesn’t care about your healthy lifestyle. “The worst thing you can do is try to change your partner into eating or living like you.

Here are four simple tips, from the deep issues (how important is couple’s yoga to you, really? It’s going to make them feel small, and no one wants to feel that way,” Chrisler says.

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