Dating a drug addict

That’s why an addict’s brain constantly generates cravings.“When you look at basically any type of reward, whether it be reading a good book, eating a rich piece of chocolate cake, or finally getting that long-deserved promotion, the warm and fuzzy feelings you get are all the result of dopamine production,” the doctor says.“There’s nothing more painful than seeing someone you love hurt themselves and those around them,” Dr. But, the worst part about being in a relationship with a drug addict is the challenges it presents for the sober person.Namely, the addict’s behavior usually forces us to consider whether to stay with the addict or leave them. But, if their addiction is making our lives worse, it’s important that we do what’s best for us.Drawing on her own experience, Cook writes about her attempts to fix the addict she loved.In the end, her efforts only caused her pain and sadness.Ideally, showing compassion for the addict you love will help them to understand the effects of their addiction.It will remind them that they are loved and, hopefully, they’ll have a moment of clarity when they understand that it’s time to love you back.

Finding out that someone you like is a recovering addict does not need to be a roadblock, but you should be prepared to meet the challenge.

After all, our physical and mental health is at stake.

When it comes to loved one’s addictions, there are no easy answers.

When we do something that generates dopamine in our brain, the brain takes note of that dopamine hit.

It causes us to crave that activity because it remembers that we felt good the first time we did it.

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While it may seem inconsequential to do these things, they actually promote drug use.

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