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That lady rummaging like mad through the dollar comics?

But I wouldn’t Kobayashi Maru you like that, Player One.

To find out, our production manager Chris Lough went on a date with the author himself!

Read on to see what advice he followed, what advice he didn’t, and how it all ended up.

Which would take an amazing, and perhaps implausible, ability to focus and pay attention.

Remember to marshal your own listening skills and pay attention to what your Player Two has to say. Don’t Be Shy Throughout his journey, Ahmed is quiet. But eventually, he breaks his silence, quits his shyness, and jumps into a conversation when he has something worthwhile to say. It’s natural to be nervous when conversing with someone new. Be prepared to start by asking simple questions, which will show you’re engaged in the conversation while still inviting her to do most of the talking.

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It’s very much like going on a first date: you don’t really know the person you’re with, and while you probably do speak her language, you don’t know a whole lot about what she’s into and what she wants to talk about. As you prepare for an exciting excursion into the unknown, let’s absorb these lessons, and prime your social skills in one seriously bad-ass way. But then comes an important imoment: One of the Vikings, having insulted the poet’s mother, is shocked when the poet returns the insult with an equally brutal quip.

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