Dating a guy with diabetes type 1

When I whip out a lancet (a tiny device I use to prick my finger for blood sugar tests) during a candlelit dinner, I like to offer a simple explanation to my date.

While it’s fine not to be goal-oriented about orgasms, lubrication can make everything more fun.

I nearly fell off of his bed because I was so shaky.

When I checked, I was at 35 mg/d L (to put that in perspective, my normal blood sugar range is 90 to 150mg/d L).

If you have to make pump adjustments before the event, use it as a laughable excuse to trot out the “slip into something more comfortable” line. If that’s the case, you should develop a routine of where you put it in such situations, preferably away from where it might get knocked over during the festivities.3) Always be prepared.

No matter how much you know your Type 1 diabetes, it’s good to have low supplies like snacks and juice-boxes within reach.

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For a long time, I thought type 1 diabetes was an unattractive trait.

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