Dating a paralyzed woman

I added him to an online support group so he could learn about spinal injuries and familiarize himself with all the complications, emotions and feelings. The only things people don’t ask me in relation to living my life with a spinal cord injury are: “Do you want to go for a hike? ” It would be so much more fun if they did ask me because then we could break some barriers.

I think people assume, Rudy’s an avid runner, so I got a mountain “bike” (seated) so I can go with him.

What if the state won’t provide a caretaker and they need one? (In fact, something I advocated for recently is I’ve become involved in advocacy on local and national levels.

Locally, I’ve worked with city commissions and disability groups to ensure greater access to public resources.

I have a friend whose friends take turns carrying her on trails.

It’s about being creative and doing things a different way.

I hit my head on the wall and the impact snapped my neck, which is just insane. The first two years were physically and psychologically brutal. On top of that pain, I had physical pain you can’t describe with words in the dictionary. When I was in the hospital, waking up every morning was like a nightmare. That’s the lens I used to experience the world, and then it shattered. Some prefer person-first language — “person with a disability” rather than “disabled person.” Then there are those who find it condescending when others assume they’re not proud of their disability and wouldn’t like being called a “disabled person.” You don’t have to tiptoe around the word “disabled” with me. I think people fear being disabled, whether because of old age or through injury or getting sick. It’s the people with disabilities I’ve met these past nine years who have empowered me and helped me get to this place.

How do they get to work if they can’t buy a car or don’t have accessible transportation? She was like my nurse — she catheterized me every day, helped me go to the gym. It means I can pee on airplanes and in cars, and that’s great. She made that trip possible for me, to go across the country, to be independent from my parents, whom I love — but I needed to do this on my own, to be with other paraplegics. They helped me fundraise — but I didn’t want to depend on them forever. It was a huge decision; they completely rerouted my plumbing.I’m sitting on ,000 worth of equipment, and insurance will only do so much.It will cost me ,000 to 0,000 to make my home wheelchair-accessible. The hand controls that I just got installed were 10 grand! Here’s the biggest issue: How does a person who’s disabled — who can’t work because they’re sick and rely on government checks — get the equipment they need?

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