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Over time, dad becomes frustrated at the demands of their wives to interact or play with a child who does not know how, and moms become frustrated at the lack of involvements of their partners.As well, a common pattern among moms is to wonder what they did wrong – drinking or taking medications during pregnancy, exercising too much, allowing the child to be vaccinated, thus adding feelings of guilt to an already stressful situation.Despite high rates of marital conflict, many couples do not reach out for couples therapy. For most, finding a babysitter with whom then can safely leave an autistic child who has toileting issues, little communication skills, aggression and other inappropriate behaviors on a regular basis is difficult (Sicile-Kira, 2004).Another reason is their lack of belief that they will find a therapist understanding of their particular circumstance and offer any true guidance, thus preferring to use the precious time away from the child to confide in a good friend.There are 15 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

Communication and social challenges can also impact the adult’s work situation.

Also, the couple eventually feels isolated because they feel it is hard to take an autistic child to people’s homes and are uncomfortable inviting people over.

Sometimes the couple becomes closer than ever, bonded in their shared circumstances.

Usually, a role division takes place as one parent, usually mom, becomes the autism expert, while dad works harder to earn money or opts out.

Differences of opinion exasperate an already difficult situation – how much time, energy and money is to be spent on helping the child is based on personal philosophy, and in this the couple may clash.

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