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Gail's family began circulating missing person flyers with truckers.

One year after Gail vanished, a trucker named John Scott recognized her photograph as a woman whom he had given a ride to several months earlier.

Despite keeping records of all of the men whom had called her, Gail for unknown reasons had not recorded her date John's full name or personal information.

A new theory emerged when police interviewed a radio DJ named Christin Roy who said that Gail had called the station multiple times prior to her disappearance, and he felt that she was suffering from depression.

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On June 21, 1986, she went to meet a date at a local Howard Johnson's restaurant, and suddenly vanished.

Her friends and family wonder if she met with foul play or engineered her own disappearance.

The authorities, her family, and her friends just want to know what happened to her and want to make sure that she is okay.When Gail's car was searched, nothing was found of interest.Two hours later, a busboy at the restaurant found a set of keys where Gail's car was parked.Suspects: The man named "John" whom Gail was supposed to go on a date with is considered a possible suspect, but he remains unidentified.Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the October 5, 1988 episode and updated on the November 16, 1988 episode. Sadly, Gail was found to have committed suicide in a Mobile, Alabama hotel while registered under the false name of Jackie Stafford within a few days after disappearing.

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When Gail's son Ryan returned home that evening, he discovered that his mother was not home.

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