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And when you're looking for a romantic restaurant in Manhattan, there's a long list from which to choose.This restaurant, to which New York Magazine readers give a 10 out of 10 rating, is a step back in time to Antebellum New York.But if you don’t work in the creative fields, you should either make friends with creative individuals who will bring you into their social circle or you should make a habit of frequenting creative-oriented events such as music shows, art gallery openings and, of course, anything theater related.The rise of the Internet and the increased prevalence of mixed sexuality social circles have been combining to make times hard for many gay bars and clubs throughout the country.If you are a creative individual yourself, then you don’t need to worry.Through your normal daily life you will meet all the gay men you could possibly ever want to meet.Customers describe the decor as Old World, enhanced by a harpist, a working fireplace, candles and a red rose on each table.Appetizers include late-summer heirloom tomatoes, roasted corn and sherry wine vinaigrette and ricotta cavatelli with rock shrimp, shell beans, ricotta salad and lobster veloute.

While you will find openly gay men in just about every possible social circle in the city, you will find the highest concentration within the city’s creative population.The a la carte menu includes pork chops, monkfish wrapped in prosciutto, braised-pork-and-ricotta ravioli, and black truffle ravioli. Manhattan, NY 10013 212-528-0400 Born and bred in New York City, Joan Firstenberg has been a journalist for broadcast, print and online since 1997.Her work has been published by the "Wall Street Journal," Fox News and Bloomberg L. She holds a bachelor's degree in communication arts and sciences from The City University of New York's Queens College.Boston is known for its seafood, New Orleans for its Creole and Cajun, and even Rome has pasta.But in New York's Manhattan you will find just about every kind of ethnic food, preparation of food, fast food, slow-cooked food, and food that will definitely stretch your budget.

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The second-story dinning room not only has skylights, but also portholes and a stunning crescent window.

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