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Being in a romantic relationship is not always easy and it isn’t always the butterflies and bliss that the movies make it out to be.Relationships take a lot of work, and they require two people from completely different backgrounds to learn to work together and get along.The behaviors associated with Asperger's are much easier to accept when you understand them within the context of the diagnosis.A successful romantic relationship with a person with Asperger Syndrome is possible; you just have to be well-knowledgeable.They exchange glances and smiles and move in the direction of the each with flirty eyes fixed upon a captivating target.Before you know it, they are enjoying a drink together at the bar and talking like old friends.Here are some facts about Asperger's Syndrome that will help should you choose to move forward.

Do People with Asperger Syndrome Have Romantic Feelings?People with Asperger Syndrome have romantic feelings much like everyone else. They want to be involved in lasting loving relationships, and they want to enjoy a romantic and intimate partnership with someone they can trust and grow with.Source: Get Educated About Asperger Syndrome Becoming acquainted with a person who may be extremely smart but struggles in social settings is baffling for a lot of people.They may also have other symptoms including repetitive speech, inability to pick up or respond to social cues, lack of eye contact, having one-sided conversations, obsessive tendencies or unusual mannerisms.Although there are sometimes delays in motor development, people with Asperger's syndrome don't typically have delays in language or cognitive development.

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