Dating anniversary milestones

Top Milestones in Relationships: Calling Him Your Boyfriend Up until a certain point in your relationship, you didn't know how to call each other.

However, when you introduce him as your boyfriend for the first time marks one of the top milestones in relationships.

This is the time when you realize that the rules of the game have changed.

Psychologists claim that this label of boyfriend/girlfriend can suggest that you and your partner form a solid item.

In every couple's life there are certain events that mark the evolution of their commitment and reinforce their relationship.

Are you curious to find out which are the most important milestones in a relationship?

Important Milestone in a Relationship: Meeting His Parents Meeting his parents is without any doubt an important milestone in a relationship.

Nonetheless, you should know that this 3 month relationship milestone can be a great step forward for your romantic connection.

Relationship Milestones: He Asks You to Meet His Friends Asking you to meet his friends is certainly one of the most important relationship milestones.

This milestone usually happens after your 2 month anniversary and around the time you introduce him to your girlfriends.3 Month Relationship Milestone: Saying What's Bothering You At a certain point in your couple's life, you feel the need to stop being excessively nice and to actually say what's on your mind.

This event can mark the 3 month relationship milestone.

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Let's say, for example, that your partner took you to several football matches, nevertheless, you weren't that fascinated.

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