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Like fire, we don't stop and wait for anyone or anything. This goes for our relationships, school, jobs, food, music, basically anything.Sure, we may not think before we act out, but that just means you'll always have someone who's ready to go at any waking moment. The good news is, it won't be hard to tell if your Aries is getting bored with you.He requires a partner who will let him be in charge.But expending all of that energy means he also needs to recharge, and when he does, that’s your time to shine.I've been told I am "aggressive" more times than I've probably blinked.We say what we feel, and bear no filter when we do it.Everything he does gets his complete, enthusiastic, overachieving attention, but don’t worry, that includes the woman in his life. You’re going to need them to keep up with the guy who loves to work only slightly less than he loves to play.Best way to catch his attention: Be a bit of a challenge yourself.

He’ll love matching wits with you…and then making up! Both sides of the coin: an Aries man is a lover AND a fighter.

As with any love match, but especially with an Aries man, you must believe in your own essential awesomeness to make it work. Being willing to compromise is an asset in this relationship, but don’t let him walk all over you.

He wants you to be as strong as he is…just not at the exact same time.

If you've ever worked on a project with a group of people, you can bet your ass the person who took charge, delegated positions and (for lack of a better phrase) "got sh*t done" was an Aries.

Mars, the "God of War," is our ruling planet, which means that we have a "show no mercy/take no prisoners" attitude toward life.

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Not only are we fire signs, we're the first fire sign.

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