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You may just want to come out and ask (in a lighthearted way) how she manages to afford such splurges.If her answer is a bit too carefree for your taste, consider yourself warned.Going forward, take note if she talks about impulsive buys she just “had to have,” or if she chooses expensive places to eat for no particular occasion.It might indicate a lack of a financial plan or impulse control if she is spending without a lot of prior thought on things most people would have to plan for, says Bossler.Say something like: “I notice you use only cash to buy stuff.My best friend is like that, too, after someone stole her credit card.” Your date’s response should give you more insight if the explanation is that he only uses credit for emergencies or online purchases, or something like that.Or worse – that your date’s expensive taste is not something you can or want to keep up with.Further investigation: If you otherwise enjoyed the person’s company, a second or third date should help reveal if there’s a pattern of overspending to be concerned about, or if she is just trying to make a good first impression.

Although he claimed it was temporary until he was back on his feet after a job loss, the idea that he wasn’t financially independent sent her running.“People who walk around with cash are sometimes more conservative with how they invest and save,” he says.Further investigation: Simply ask about his or her spending style in a non-confrontational way.If you seem to hit it off with someone who keeps mentioning money woes as a reason not to get together, it’s only natural to be on high alert (or just wonder if they’re just not into you).“It could be a sign of a tight monthly budget or a lack of discretionary income,” says Bossler. Being a careful spender could be a great quality if the person is saving up for something, or being diligent about paying off a school loans, she says.

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If your honey is handing out hundreds like a Goodfella, that could be a sign of trouble.

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