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and you need to act differently with the girls dependending of where they grow.. I'm not rushing into marriage and wont be having any kids.

I don't think I will be beating her, but I will keep that in my back pocket just in case.

I have a US public school education so I can only speak english, but I am learning spanish so I can communicate. I am brazillian, 26 years of age, so I already got my good share of relationships ;)1 - Brazillian women, in majority, really cares more about she is treated, than hers SO looks. but if you forget the things you use to do with time.. I didn't really try to "turn on my game" and pick her up.

Although that is important that you try to be as cleanner as possible and continue to treat her well :)2 - Express your feelings, if she likes it. she will feel and think you might not love her anymore.. I was just being myself and it seemed to click with her. I am very physical, I like to touch and hug often, and I am a man when I need to be.

Questions1 - Yes, its normal2 - Yes, she probably does like it3 - If she wants you to visit, it was not a holyday thing IMO. Depends on the person, more than any of the other questions.

One thing we need to learn here in Brazil is know to identify who are the girls to have fun with and who are the girls to date and have a commitment.. but i want to try to address one in particular:3 - First each individual will act differently.. Girls from south are more "classic", you will have a more european-like behaviour.. girls are smart and can smell when the guy are faking personality things.. Once you advance to the first base, and keep in touch.. loyalty it's not related to which region she was born.You do know that we speak Portuguese, not Spanish, in Brazil, right?If you are thinking about moving to Spain, learn spanish. " But we chat every day, skype and she has invited me to visit.We had drinks and dinner, then again the next day and we spent the night together.I am "averagely handsome", most women call me "cute", not fat or ugly but not great looking. A 10 and the best looking woman I have ever been with.

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  1. Relationships, on the other hand, are often spoken of as work, not fun. What would it mean to actively date your long-term partner, no matter how many years you’ve been together?