Dating depressed boyfriend avoid dating damaged destructive women

So be supportive and uplifting when he’s going through a tough time.Be the positive force in his life so he can rely on you for help when he needs it.Arguments ensue because of the disconnect and it can end the relationship.The same is true for those who don’t understand mental illness.The more supportive you are, the more comfortable he’ll be going to you when he’s struggling. This is not your place to suggest meditation or extra time out in the sun.Sure, those things may work for some people but if your boyfriend has depression, he already knows about them.If you’ve never had clinical depression, you have no idea how impactful it can be to someone’s life.And that means having a depressed boyfriend can be a huge challenge.

And if you don’t work together to overcome that, the relationship can end.

When you can’t relate to someone, it’s harder to make it work This is why a lot of actors end up with other actors.

It’s not because they’re just in the same social scene, but because they can relate to one another.

But also remember that it’s not your responsibility, either.

Tell him that he needs to take it but ultimately, contact his health provider if you fear things are getting out of hand. [Read: Why it’s not your job to fix someone with depression] #6 Be supportive and uplifting. He wants to know he’s not alone and that you’ll still be there even if he has depression.

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