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He vowed that day never to drink again, and for five long years he didn’t, through sheer willpower. But Carl was acutely miserable, prone to angry outbursts and just as anxious and depressed as ever.Read More Posted in Early Recovery Therapists who treat addiction and co-occurring mental conditions have many weapons in their arsenal: psychotherapy, 12-step strategies, experiential exercises, education, medications and perhaps one more: Mother Nature.You are not some crazy, monogamy-obsessed loser if you sign up for Tinder because you want a relationship. It will make the whole process less confusing for everyone.3. I once had a dude message me, “You look like a lesbian.” Shocked by his homophobia and otherwise inappropriate greeting, I was tempted to berate him. Before deciding if someone is worth my time, I like to casually mention one of my core values or something I care about right at the get-go.Unmatch anyone the minute they say something weird or gross. So, for example, in my Tinder “profile,” I say that I am a feminist.Even though having a sponsor isn’t a requirement, there are a lot of benefits to having one.Read More Posted in Early Recovery Spend enough time in the 12-step recovery rooms and you’re likely to hear the pejorative term “edging God out” — or “EGO.” The word “ego,” which comes from Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytical theories identifying the interactive components of the personality, has taken on a different meaning from its original definition.For a while, Tinder did indeed strike me as a gross hookup app (so many shirtless men).

Good ones can nourish your self-esteem and bolster your resolve in the darkest moments.

Participants who walked in an urban environment did not receive the same benefit.

I am a 24-year-old woman living in Brooklyn, working at a startup and writing in my free-time as a side hustle.

Initially, I was reluctant to use it, worried Tinder would only lead to hookups and frustration.

But I gave it a shot because I wanted to meet someone, and, to be honest, all my single friends were using it.

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