Dating drama queen

You start to have confidence in yourself which is a great advantage to dating a drama queen.But there’s one thing, if you’re not following her instructions and doing what she wants, she’ll strip everything from you and leave you how you were when she found you.However, drama queens – for the most part – are not the most rational people. - Fixing Insecurity: 11 Smart Ways To Get Over Insecurity In A Relationship You could rob a bank and show up at her front door with one million dollars, but she still wouldn’t be happy with what you did. See, what happens is you spend most of your time trying to please her because she’s never happy. Absolutely not, but she’s not looking for someone to communicate with on a deep level, she’s looking for a guy that’ll run everywhere to please her.

They are not beyond gossip and rumor mongering of the vicious kinds just to cause trouble. While you are frustrated being stuck in the rains for more than 2 hours, she has already imagined you cheating on her with your colleague.The concept of shrugging things off is alien to her; she tends to personalize words and gestures and even when she is not specifically the object of a conversation or an act, she may keep obsessing about it.One weapon in the arsenal of drama queens is their eloquent tongues.It doesn’t matter if you feel like you’re right, because you will eventually cave in just to keep the relationship going, and diffuse the issues.The problem is that you will end up doing this too much.

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They are always rattling away non-stop about this or that.

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