Dating female taurus

You should think of her more as of a wife as she likes to care for you even when between the sheets.

While most of men expect her to be only steady and repetitive in bed, the woman in Taurus can surprise with how intensely she performs.

Before you say she is boring, think of all the pleasure she is capable of giving you.

Just come up with new positions and techniques and she will be more than happy to try them.

As said before, she usually likes being the one that’s in control.

One thing you should know about her lovemaking is that she tends to get a little bit lazy.

She knows what she wants her partner to do to her and she will express it with no inhibitions.

When in love, the Taurus woman is caring, passionate and sensual.

When she experiments in bed it’s only because her partner wants her to, not because it is her most enjoyable pleasure.

However, you should be the one that comes with suggestions.

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