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We promise to put your needs, your trees, and your property first.

Our line of equipment allows us to cover your tree care needs from top to stump.

That's where a trusty chainsaw, proper PPE, and a Log OX 3-in-1 Forestry Multi Tool come in to help make clean up a lot easier!

We recently sat down for an interview with one of industrial design magazine Core77 senior editors, to discuss the origins of our family company, our design development process, and what drives us to continually innovate.

We are continually furthering our education in the world of agriculture and continue to use the most up to date climbing and pruning practices.

We teamed up with Matt, Brian and Luke of Automated Biomass Systems (ABS) to demo the Log OX at Woodsmen's Days in Tupper Lake, NY.

Some of us move toward Greek life, others get involved in THON, and others still choose to spend our free time in more unconventional ways, like throwing logs and climbing trees.

And while they all come from a variety of backgrounds and majors, they all have one thing in common: They like working with their hands and getting dirty.

We always arrive on time ready to work efficiently and safely. This means you are provided with our undivided attention.

This also relates to keeping our overhead low, in return keeping your prices affordable.

and will include food trucks as well as fun for the kids!

Competing schools include Haywood Community College, Dabney S.

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While those original founding teams set the groundwork for today’s Penn State Woodsmen team, the group would, sadly, not be seen again until nearly 20 years later.

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