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For a lot of women, a man in uniform means a man they can trust. He is most likely a West African, posing as a soldier, from an Internet cafe in Ghana or Nigeria.

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Beautifully shot and expertly edited, an exemplar of "Show, don't tell," Ben Asamoah's forgoes interviews, or even naming those on screen, preferring to follow the unemployed Ghanaian scammers as they chat up their "clients." In one scene, a young man laughs with his daughter; in another, he fakes an absurd, high-pitched voice in calls to his U. approach is human, not statistical; no narrator or experts intrude with their analysis and abstract figures.

When the scammers discuss, laughing, that men from the UK named Peter are the easiest targets, they do so among themselves, without referencing the camera.

This is "Sakawa," a Ghanaian term that describes the intersection between voodoo magic and illegal internet scamming. With dreams of a better life moving to Italy with his family, he struggles to swindle the money from his "baby," and out of desperation turns to a voodoo priest for blessing.

Experience the other side of internet dating site scams and the economic ramifications that drive those who participate, seen through the eyes of a group of unemployed Ghanaian youth who defraud Westerners.

They seek favor from the gods through voodoo rituals.

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