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After this, he immediately emotionally seemed to crumble and told me he wasn’t feeling sure of how he was supposed to be feeling post-divorce. He told me that he was interested in me but didn’t want to lead me on.

He also said he was interested in the future but couldn’t leave me waiting so he was being honest about it maybe being better to take a pause and step back to reassess where he was at. Of course I don’t want a man that is still heartbroken about his ex-wife, but I’m sad about the lost connection.

Deep down, you know when a next date is a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Say “yes” when you mean yes and “no” when you mean no.

Your positive intentions will serve as a lighthouse on your dating horizon.

All I have found from that is who i was, was not good enough. 😥I guess I’m pretty old school in that I love texting but I need to talk to the person I’m dating on the phone too. Is it ‘cause he just wants to sleep with me and isn’t really invested?

Who I am now, obviously must still not be good enough. Self employed for 12 years so, good spot in career. I don’t consider myself needy but for me, phone calls are really important! He’s still my closest friend, and I still thought in my heart that when it was all said & done, we’d be together.

I tried to hang back, and see if I could be the one pursued, but then I just ended up with nothing. (When I say moving on, I don’t mean emotionally, I mean actually being involved with someone new.)So this brings me to the headline.Can anyone who has dated through divorce shed some light on this and help get me off the hook? What’s weird is when I reply that I can’t or I’m on available they get real chatty and kinda clingy about why I can’t hang out (usually a valid excuse like work or something ) .Sometimes it doesn’t take days to get a response but it takes a really long time ....sometimes 12 hours or more to the point where I can’t put my day on hold for the day anymore I have to do something else and don’t hear from that person again until 10 o’clock at night. Also posted in r/relationshipadvice Edit : I have exchanged numbers with these people from meeting them on a dating app. Lately I [32M] have gotten to the point that I am done with dating. Lately got parents leaning on me because I am the youngest of the family and the only one single/without kids. I try to be cute about it and hint about how I love phone calls. But almost every time, it feels like pulling teeth to get the other person to call!Been single since 2015 and spent the last 2 years changing myself based on the advice that we should better ourselves to help find others. Starting to believe I am just not meant to be with anyone. And, I mean, the guy might call and sometimes I call him, but why is it such a struggle each time just to make that happen?

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