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In's Dates of Wrath column, anonymous daters share true stories of their very worst rendezvous.

This week: FOUR locations, three girls, two friends, and one strip club.

At one point, one of them was shaking her butt in front of me, and he put a dollar bill in her underwear.

The stripper turned and snapped at him, like, “That was for her, not for you.” After 45 minutes, he did keep his promise—we got back into a cab.

We pulled up to my apartment, and I never saw him again.” And he was like, “You'll see.” He was calling a cab, so I texted one of my friends, being like, “Haha, guys.If you don't hear from me in an hour or two, this is where I am right now.” Not that I thought he would murder me, but I definitely didn't feel safe with this person.Yet the dancers at the Condor are different: most met their long-term loves right here, stepping out of the fantasy world of stripping into a real-life relationship.(So much for online dating.) You heard that right — all they had to do to find Mr. Meet the Strippers Strippers are some of the funniest, most insightful human beings you’ll ever meet, but be forewarned: in a venue known for mind games, these ladies have you beat.

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So I would just swipe right on people because they were pretty. The whole science of screening people on Tinder is an art in and of itself. He had a very cold affectation, and he seemed to take pleasure in making me uncomfortable.

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