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“In a long-term relationship, it’s dependent on both partners having some degree of emotional intelligence, empathy, self-acceptance, and acceptable communication skills.” A relationship cannot survive, Mc Ginnis elaborates, when even one person within it lacks empathy, or the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

“However, when a vulnerability is met with compassion and emotional support, trust is developed in the other person and the relationship,” she says.

“This happens when someone accepts you for who you are, cares about what’s happening in your world, and where you feel your partner is invested in you and your relationship,” she says.

The creation of a trusting and committed partnership, she says, often plays a role here, too.

Mc Ginnis insists not all of this has to be in place right away for a relationship to be , however.

Instead, intimacy is established in different stages as a relationship progresses.

“Digital connection is likely to be enhanced by in-person meetings and interactions, but this doesn’t mean that digital relationships aren’t real.” Because she believes that the definition of true intimacy is different for everybody, Dr.

Spira believes this is another critical component of true intimacy.

Mc Ginnis expands upon what’s required of both parties in order to build what Spira describes above.

“It’s being authentic as well as accurately seeing the true self of another—it requires openness, transparency, and reciprocity,” she explains.

“Just seeing a photo of someone you love or have affection for will stimulate the physical desire,” she says.

The second component of true intimacy, termed “emotional intimacy,” means your emotional needs are being met, explains Spira.

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