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It also played to the larger undercurrent of the evening’s advice: women shouldn’t express their thoughts, feelings, and intentions outright.

It reminded me of an adage I’ve heard in various forms: A smart woman never let’s a man know how smart she is.

To be fair, it did seem like the audience consisted mainly of women over 40 and—I hope I’m not putting my foot in my mouth here—I can only assume that some of their methods and ideas of dating are still somewhat rooted in the past.

”Emily: The way Young spoke suggests his only true specialty is in the art of bullshitting.

At the start of the Great Love Debate, moderator (and professional matchmaker) Paul Carrick Brunson’s called out the elephant in the room: the audience was overwhelmingly female.

I thought he was going to try to get men to bust the “Macho Man” stereotype and be more open. The reason we got entangled into the whole looks versus personality in sexual attraction dilemma was because he said he would never go on a second date with a woman he didn’t want to sleep with.“Men are visual people,” he said. I want to see what you’re working with.” When Brunson asked the panelist if they would attempt a second date, he said, “HELL. Emily: Yes, though he is single and sexually active as he very much wanted the audience to know.

Another lovely moment with Young was when he called out a man in the audience for being a virgin.

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”Maybe I am a young and overly sensitive feminist, but I was the only one in the Angelika wearing a “resting bitch face” after Howie said that.

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