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On 5th April 1965, Valerie went into labour and was driven to hospital in Len Fairclough's van. The babies were christened at the same church Ken and Val got married in and were named Peter and Susan.Valerie's life changed completely as all her time was spent looking after the twins, while Ken continued with his intellectual pursuits.Instead, she started working in the Corner Shop for Maggie Clegg.That year also saw a change of address for the Barlows; the Glad Tidings Mission Hall and Elliston's Raincoat Factory across the Street were demolished to make way for a block of Maisonettes.In 1971, the Barlows decided to emigrate to Jamaica as Ken had accepted a teaching job there.On the night before they left, Valerie died from an electric shock when using a faulty electrical outlet in her home.She gave up work to be a full-time mother and housewife, but once the twins were a little older, took jobs at the Corner Shop and Alan Howard's salon, where she was head hairdresser.Her marriage to Ken was mostly close and loving, but whenever Ken was caught up in his intellectual interests, he would often ignore Val and the children.

Dave, who blamed himself for the child being hit, was comforted by Valerie.

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When Ken's mother Ida was killed in September 1961, Val became closer to Ken and they began a relationship.

As the pair grew closer, Valerie had to choose between staying in Weatherfield or moving to Glasgow, where her parents had moved so that Alfred could take a job as Station Master.

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