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As soon as you've set up your account, you're ready to start browsing the best and largest collection of gay service members and civilian admirers.

Meet guys from anywhere in the world, no matter your type.

Dating online offers an incredible amount of flexibility, discretion, and convenience.

Civilians don't have to worry about making anything harder for their men in uniform, and gay servicemen can stay in touch with their fellow military personnel or their civilian sweethearts no matter where in the world they're stationed.

I thought why not sign up while I'm here, the guys look great.You may be serving somewhere that doesn't have places for gay guys to meet, or if you're a civilian you may not know where the uniformed guys tend to hang out in your area.It's even more challenging to try to meet someone who's not local to you at the moment: someone from where you expect to be based or deployed next, or a service member somewhere you'd like to move.However you choose to navigate the world of uniformed dating while gay, Active Duty provides you with the features, flexibility, and support you need to make your relationship a success, all on your terms.FIND A MATCH NEARBY OR WHERE YOU WANT TO BEPinnacle Perry I met my amazing husband on Active Duty Dating while he was overseas.

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