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I am in a relationsjhip at the moment with a younger guy I am 48 he is 21. We have great fun together and I know he worships the ground I walk on, mind you he does tend to get a bit possesive at times so I try and educate him in lifeskills which he enjoys.

He says that I am more chilled out and relaxed than women his own age.

It has been hard at times with other people accepting that we are together especially from some of his males aquaintences but I have learnt to shrug their sarcastic remarks off I jst put it down to the fact that they are probably in some ways insecure and jelouse of our relationship.Just allow things to take a natural course and if it all works out, then great. dating someone who could possibly the same age as your children is not cool.saying something is ok does not make it so. i am 37 separated from my partner we fell out of love a long time ago, he was 15yrs older than me.He may leave you for someone younger in the end, or you may leave him, that can happen in any relationship. eventually he will want children and will need a younger woman to provide him with there isnt much in common when it comes to life experience. I have fallen in love with someone now who is 14 yrs younger than me, and do you know what i have discovered myself, i have found out that what i taut was love with my partner was not actually love, it was more dependance.I know one younger man who says that he has always liked older women because they are sexier and more equal to him intellectually.He says that many older women are beautiful, take good care of themselves, are more confident, are better lovers, and have life experiences that make them more interesting overall.

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