Dating percussion rifles

This percussion cap contained a small amount of impact sensitive explosive which then set-off the gunpowder.

The percussion cap was struck by a hammer, which typically featured a point to ensure the cap was struck efficiently.

Percussion rifles were much more durable than their predecessors due to their simplicity and the lower likelihood of parts failure.

The percussion rifle was also more reliable when faced with harsh weather and could be counted on to fire in the rain.

Antique percussion rifles offer history enthusiasts the chance to hold a piece of history.

Their weapons were made from quality materials and can still be found in good condition nearly two centuries later. Read more An improvement on flintlock and matchlock rifles, percussion rifles were faster to reload and required fewer moving parts.Gun is believed to be from the central New York area.For more information or pictures I can be reached at 570-971-2773.The first widespread percussion rifles were originally muskets which were converted from the older flintlock mechanism, with typical examples being the Brown Bess or Springfield Model 1822.The first purpose built percussion rifle, however, is disputed with the common consensus being the M1819 Hall Rifle produced by the Hapers Ferry Armory in the US from 1819.

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The paper from the gunsmith as shown in the photo will go with the gun.

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