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Telling me to “ask you anything” when my profile makes it very clear what I’m interested in, my personality, and what I’m looking for, is emotional labour.It’s assuming that I somehow want to get to know you because you think I’m cute.I’m only speaking from the guy’s perspective, so I’m sure some of these pet peeves are similar on the girl’s end.Please feel free to leave comments about some of your pet peeves.Commitment-ready men with good careers, a deep interest in their partners, and good sex drives just don’t exist in great numbers.

If you’ve been single long-term, you can probably relate to these pet peeves: The dire lack of good men.

I’ve heard from many girls that it’s basically a dick pic parade and on behalf of my gender, I apologize. I’m glad you’re proud of your children and I’m sure this is some way to alert potential suitors that you are a single parent, but ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FRIGGIN MIND?!?! You’re posting pics of your kids on a dating site?? Cats and dogs are cute, and I’m sure you think yours is the cutest, but I know what cats and dogs look like. I also don’t need to see your favorite memes or art.

Most of your pics are with other people and most often the same people which makes it very difficult to know which one is you. If you’re going to have pictures that include your friends, don’t use pics with friends who are better looking than you! I have no pics with friends in my profile, but I sure as hell am not gonna let you see pics with friends of mine who are better looking LOL. Are you aware of how many sexual deviants, sickos and perverts are looking at pics of your kids? What are you accomplishing by posting photos that look nothing like you? I’m not going to be standing diagonally to you, so with the crazy angles! Please post at least one photo that shows what you look like. There are girls who for example will post four pics where the first three are random objects/things with the last photo being some terrible picture of themselves.

At times, the crappiness of the dating scene may even make you feel as if you’re stuck on some botched version of the Island of Broken Toys. Being single for a long time means that you’ve also probably weathered some pretty horrible first dates.

Even if a few have gone OK, somewhere along the line, you’ve probably regretted spending that much time with a loser or two. For some reason, people who try to play matchmaker seem to have a natural knack for choosing the worst possible pairings. You don’t have someone with you, but you can’t just hide away in your apartment until a boyfriend materializes. Just because someone is in a relationship doesn’t mean that they’re actually offering good advice.

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Now, I’ve been doing online dating since, literally, 2001.

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