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I would guess that from years of use, your is worn or bent back a little.When you get it apart, inspect it closely and if it is worn, I would take a pair of needle-nose pliers and bend it a little, so that it is over the hole as much as in this photo.

Your best bet is a cheap Japanese set, which is where I found one that would work.

The knob to the left of the Center Bearing, is the Spool Drag Adjuster.

The Level-Wind parts are laid out in order and the Handle Shaft Sleeve.

Other Pflueger Free-Spool reels : 1965 Red Nobby and 1995 Summit The Pflueger 1965 Red Nobby Free-Spool Left to right are : a VGIB 1965 Red Nobby, the New in Box 1895 Akron, a used 1895 Akron, and a used 1995 Summit, all Free-Spool Reels. I will add more about the Red Nobby and Summit later.

They all work the same way, but I’ll show them apart also.

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