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For years, SWAPO guerrillas battled South African troops.

The struggle became part of the Cold War, with the Soviet Union and Cuba lending their support to SWAPO.

Theme: Global Interaction How did the Cold War affect Namibia's struggle for independence?

By the 1960s, the Southwest African People's Organization (SWAPO) had turned to armed struggle to win independence.

In response, nationalists turned to guerrilla warfare.

Portugal responded by sending almost its entire army to defend its last outposts of empire.

After 15 years of fighting, many Portuguese army officers realized that they could not succeed in the struggle.

In 1974, an army coup in Portugal toppled the dictatorship of Salazar's successor.

The Soviet Union helped one side in the struggle by financing more than 50,000 Cuban troops that went to fight in Angola.Portuguese Colonies As Britain and France took steps to meet national­ist demands in their African possessions, Portugal clung fiercely to its colonies in Angola and Mozambique.During the 1960s, the Portuguese dic­tator Antonio Salazar rejected African demands for freedom. When you arrive at the polling station at 8 a.m., you find a line of voters stretching for more than two miles.Republic of Namibia Namibia For more information about Namibia since independence, use the Internet address above to link to the official Web site of the Republic of Namibia.

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