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I want the blog to be a clearinghouse of honest info about that—from people who have been there!

”My former student is absolutely correct—discrimination against older women is all about patriarchy. As faithful readers know, The Professor Is In is dedicated to exposing the brutal truths of the academy to empower its most vulnerable inhabitants, and does not engage in wishful thinking about what could or should be better.

And because my own arc was the classic “approved” arc of starting in my 20s, finishing quickly, getting a tt job right away, and progressing smoothly through tenure….

And that has serious consequences for the older Ph. D.s with a significant deficit of knowledge about the unspoken norms, judgments, practices, and status operations of the academic environment. Back then I could live on no sleep, and no expenditure of energy was too great. I have to ration my energy now, and use it carefully.My work as The Professor has revealed to me the exponentially higher stakes for them of the failures of Ph. At the same time, I have been super successful and confident–but must admit recently seeing a dermatologist over an age spot!“Are we not perpetuating this by locating ourselves as older?But others who deviate from this approved path absolutely do.Adjuncting is the destroyer of so many peoples’ dreams…or not adjuncting per se, but the Ph D process, the sunk costs, the debt, and then not having secure employment at the end of it, and being 55 instead of 35….

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