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Swicord heard those queries in 1994 while promoting the last film adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel about the smart, strong and independent-minded March sisters.

“It did feel kind of funny that it was just ‘Little Women’ that fielded those sorts of questions.” A quarter century will have passed between the 1994 “Little Women,” a critical and commercial hit beautifully brought to life by Australian director Gillian Armstrong, and the version that Gerwig will begin filming in Boston with Saoirse Ronan, Meryl Streep, Emma Stone and Timothée Chalamet this October.

Swicord says she gets the grumbling and, in a way, she’s flattered by people saying that no one could improve on the “Little Women” movie she wrote, the movie that sported a superbly cast ensemble featuring Winona Ryder, Claire Danes, Trini Alvarado, Kirsten Dunst and Samantha Mathis as the March sisters (Dunst and Mathis played Amy at different ages); Christian Bale as the crush-worthy boy next door, Laurie; and Susan Sarandon as the strong, understanding mother, Marmee.

When Swicord and Amy Pascal and Denise Di Novi began thinking about making another version of “Little Women” a few years ago, they had to clear that initial hurdle of finding an approach that would speak to a new set of moviegoers who might not know Alcott’s book.

-does the university gt it recognition from the government, LAN, MMC or MMA and the other local or foreign Universities or Colleges?

After the starting, the university is formally operated on 30 October 2001.

i think most of Malaysians have a bundle of questions to ask when talking about AIMST University. before i get to know this university, i was in the same boat with them and i really had no idea regarding the presence of this university until my mom told me.and, since then, i started to explore this university and digging out all the information about now, i am present in this gorgeous university.there is a list of common questions usually asked by them whom do not know the university.-what is aimst? It is located in the northern Malaysia state of Kedah Darul Aman.

-bla, bla, bla........................introductionthe Asean Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology (AIMST University), founded on 15 March 2001, is a private university established by Malaysia Indian Congress(MIC).

Both Swicord and Armstrong read “Little Women” numerous times in their young lives and delved into research about Alcott’s life and the ways her journey mirrored and departed from her fictional stand-in, Jo.They met with a number of people, including Sarah Polley, though Swicord says that, contrary to reports, Polley’s involvement never went beyond initial talks. She had pretty much finished writing “Lady Bird,” another movie about young women finding and asserting themselves (although Lady Bird’s relationship with her mother is a tad more complicated).Having graduated from Barnard College where she studied English and philosophy, Gerwig arrived full of ideas for a new version of “Little Women.”“Greta has a wonderfully associative, well-furnished mind,” Swicord says.Chalamet makes for a natural Laurie, the charming and rich neighbor who falls in love with the March family and ends up proposing to two of the sisters. Chalamet and Ronan are “Lady Bird” alums, leading one to wonder if perhaps Laurie Metcalf, who earned an Oscar nomination playing Lady Bird’s combative mother, might slide into the “Little Women” cast, taking the Marmee role.(“No comment,” Swicord says with a laugh.) However the cast rounds out, it’s no small thing that families who weren’t around when Bill Clinton was president will be able to watch the March sisters’ story gracefully unfold in theaters.

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