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Now, when I buy groceries, I just start immediately eating them in a race against time. If anyone on this site doesn’t negotiate their gym memberships (THEY ARE COMPLETELY NEGOTIABLE), I am going to hit you. But for now, add your own to the comments and let’s get this going.

It’s like I’ll be in the car on the way home and I have an apple in my mouth, I’m polishing a pear in one hand, and opening a package of strawberries in the other.

That’s a tease, not an appetizer, you jackass manager. I was shopping with 2 friends in San Francisco last weekend (1 guy and 1 girl) and the girl decided to go shoe shopping. And of course my jackass friends knew exactly what I had done, and they forced me to sit there awkwardly for 10 more minutes. ” so I politely asked about a voucher for my parking, which (remember) they had told me to park in.

Also, there are usually a lot of old people in these kinds of restaurants. My friend and I just sat down, facing a wall and hoping to die. The lady looked completely surprised and said, “Uhh, let me check on that” and disappeared into a back room.

Image Source Entertaining live music, delectable food, bustling casinos, and thriving nightclubs is what nightlife in Colombo is all about.

And with gambling being a legal activity in this magical island nation, trying a hand at a table game or rolling the roulette are few of the favorite things to do in Colombo for the locals as well as the travelers!

Other than taking care of the turtles born here, the people of these hatcheries constantly make efforts to locate injured or endangered turtles out there and bring them back for protection and safety.

The varied types of Ayurvedic Spa here are devised in order to help one strike a perfect balance between their mental and physical health, providing travelers with utmost relaxation.

Expensive restaurants that leave you completely unsatisfied. STOP WITH THE LOW SELF-ESTEEM AND JUST GET SOME NORMAL CARROTS. A few years ago, I had an interview with a hedge fund and they told me to come to San Francisco and park in this lot, etc. At the end of the day, every single company will give you vouchers to cover any expenses you incurred during the interview.

These are the foofy places that serve you 1 eggroll (split in 2) and call it an appetizer. (You shouldn’t be losing money interviewing for a company.) Anyway, they were all “Have a nice day!

A blend of all these is what make up some of the most soul-satisfying top things to do in Sri Lanka that bedazzles everyone.

Take a moment and see the whopping range of activities and experiences it offers to everyone who set foot in its picture-perfect landscapes. Be it a group of friends, adrenaline junkies, shopaholics, foodies, hopeless romantic couples and honeymooners, or a family with kids, Sri Lanka never lets a traveler down.

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Indulging in watersports is surely among the most adventurous things to do in Sri Lanka.

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