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Given that WS71, WS86 and AM140 are all currently under the plough, there is considerable incentive to undertake this work in the near future before more evidence is lost.

We have suggested that the Wilsford Shaft may have formed part of this early landscape focus, given various considerations of its dating and sequence, although in the light of the limitations of the evidence this must remain a very tenuous suggestion.

This work also highlights that great potential exists for excavations to better characterise internal structures or preceding features at long barrows.

Similarly, further excavation of the barrow ditches — including reaching the base of ditches with excavation, rather than augering — may be able to provide better dating and environmental evidence.

Another option is to store the results of the prior command in a variable and then pipeline that into .

Steps vary by device, but you must enter your Yahoo ID and password as well as the Cal DAV URL associated with your account.

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