Dating rejection message

You can probably finesse the wording a little bit: It’s been really great getting to know you, but I have to tell you the truth: I started to see a guy and things are getting a little more serious.

So I’m going to hide my profile on for now and see where things go.

Bobbi Palmer and I discussed 5 ways to keep dating rejection from taking you down. This leads to creating drama, and you put a wall up. You think the first date went really well, but he doesn’t ask you out on a second date. You start thinking there’s something wrong with you, you’re unlovable, you’re too fat, old, stupid (fill in the blank), and you go down the rabbit hole of dating rejection. Don’t absorb the feeling of rejection and let it make you feel bad about yourself.

If he does call or text after a day or two, you’re so angry, you end up pushing him away. Feel the sting, learn from the experience, and move on.

However, I don’t feel the necessary “click” to continue to move things forward with our relationship. You don’t have to promise to stay in touch as friends.

If you’re communicating with 7-10 decent guys in your inbox, that will usually result in about 2 dates.

If one of the dates doesn’t pan out, you can either promote guys from the minor leagues, or reactivate your photos/profile to get more incoming traffic. Finding the One Online has an entire CD that describes how to flirt with men in a way that keeps their attention and slows them down to a pace you’re comfortable with.

I feel like I need some formal practice – I would totally sign up for a workshop that was nothing but 2 hours straight of saying, “no, thank you, it was nice to meet you, I know we had a great chat about X, but the chemistry isn’t there for me and I don’t want a second date,” over and over until the cringy awkwardness was washed out of it. (Yes, I’ve looked – no luck so far.) If not, any suggestions on overcoming my extreme internal resistance to being so blunt? The problem is that there’s usually going to be one person who is more invested than the other person.

And this power imbalance means that broken hearts are par for the course.

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