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In addition, more than 500 species of birds live throughout the country.Birds and wildlife can be found in Bijilo Forest Park, along the Atlantic coast, the Abuko Nature Reserve, just upriver from Banjul, Kiang West National Park, farther inland, and River Gambia National Park (also known as Baboon Island National Park), near Kuntaur.A number of settlements are located in the Banjul, the capital, and several large urban centres have developed in the vicinity.Urban dwellers retain close ties to their rural relatives, and there is considerable interaction between rural and urban populations.

She is the first to publicly accuse the president of sexual assault, just as Gambia is in the process of reckoning with the terrible legacy of the Jammeh regime.“This is one layer of atrocities in many,” said Reed Brody, a lawyer with Human Rights Watch who is leading a push for criminal prosecution of Mr.

Jammeh ruled by terrorizing the tiny West African nation of two million. Protesters and journalists were jailed and beaten, many never to be heard from again.

His death squad was accused of gunning down dozens of migrants trying to sail to Europe, according to a survivor of the massacre. Jammeh, 54, has never been called to account for any of it.

Periodic talks in the 20th century to unite The Gambia and Senegal led to the short-lived Senegambia confederation (1982–89). It is also one of Africa’s most densely populated countries.

A few towns are located upriver, but most Gambians live in rural villages.

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