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This might not sound too pricey, however, many of these consoles have been well loved by rowdy 90’s kids, so be wary of potential faults and cosmetic blemishes.

The Game Boy Advance models tend to go for slightly cheaper, at around , depending on the condition.

From replicas of the original cases to abstract color combinations, customizing your Game Boys outer shell is something of an art form.

This is also an extremely affordable mod to begin with if you’re new to the scene, with shells usually costing under .

From battery hungry machines to impractically sized designs, it quickly became apparent that for pocket sized gaming to be achievable, the correct compromises had to be made.

Rarer models on the other hand can command a higher price, with the back-lit SP selling for around and the Micro for as high as 0.

For some, the price attached to getting a nostalgia fix might be a bit too high.

There was also an alternative model of the SP, which features a gorgeous back-lit screen, however its limited release means it’s hard to obtain.

The main complaint about the SP is the form factor – as its clam shell design features a more cramped button layout.

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