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And when he stayed late at work, she tried to make sure he had food.

“But you don’t want to be like, ‘Hi, did you eat dinner?

But when you know what it is to be hurting, you begin to understand other people, to get a glimpse of their hurt — in fact, you feel it yourself and are compelled to show compassion and be there by their side. But what’s more, it’s realizing your friends and family are worth so much to you, and to be human is to need other people to laugh and to cry with — to understand that relationships can seem scary and will be hard work, but have so much value. Follow this journey on Beautiful People Do Not Just Happen.

The Mighty is asking the following: Tell us a story about a time you encountered a commonly held misconception about your mental illness.

“In all honesty, 70 to 80 percent of [sick] guys don’t get any treatment at all,” says Dr. D., the medical director and co-founder of the Cleveland Center for Eating Disorders.

But because men don’t go for treatment in the numbers women do — either because they feel too stigmatized to go to the doctor or their early symptoms aren’t recognized — they’re less aware of the disease.

Women, however, are warned about anorexia and bulimia at an early age.

“They may be in relationships, but they’re essentially invisible.” So, once she learns about his illness, the female partner of a guy with an eating disorder often finds herself as the main support for someone who doesn’t think he needs any, and she’s usually unsure how to help.

Knowing that Julie’s boyfriend was anxious about what he was eating, she cooked only nutritious food and always made sure they had lots of healthy snacks.

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By this, I mean people with so many truly amazing qualities — real beauty. To learn to override your thoughts and feelings, realize that your life is worth living, accept yourself, even yourself, persist with friends and family as they try to understand and face the stigma and misconceptions of mental illness day in and day out takes real strength. Patience is such an important virtue — in our relationships with people around us, with our hopes and aspirations and to get through the tougher aspects of life.

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