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Obviously, the perfect way is to literally bump into her – on the street, on a beach, at a fiesta, or in a tapas bar!Ideally, start the conversation going by saying ‘Hola’, and away you go.The country’s population of about 40 million, is joined by a huge influx of tourists every year, approximately 60 million people who are attracted by the perfect weather and the beautiful beaches which can be found all around the country’s lengthy coastline.The western part of the country, from the south up to almost as far as the northern town of Vigo, adjoins Portugal, which forms a strip of land approximately 160 kilometres wide.

For example, girls from Russia, French, Venezuela and females from any of the countries across the world.

Today’s females take great care to appear tidy and feminine, and most wear just a tad of makeup, dress in colourful, trendy clothes, and yes, some even like to strut their funky stuff on high heels.

Marriage forms the most common and most sought after type of relationship, a custom that comes from deep within the traditional roots of all Spanish families.

Latin America has become a top destination for men as well as women who have had enough of dating in the west.

According to the western people, Latin men and women have a fiery passion which draws in people from across the globe.

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