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The only summer inclusion camp in Los Angeles for special needs children and their typically-developing siblings and peers ages 5 to 16, Special Needs Network’s Joe Patton Academy Camp (Camp JPAC) serves as a safe, fun haven for close to 300 participating children by providing a host of educational and recreational activities.

All proceeds from the event will benefit SNN’s Joe Patton Academy Camp (Camp JPAC) – the only free summer inclusion camp in South Los Angeles for kids with autism and related disabilities and their siblings.

Marriage in itself is difficult when everything is going about its “normal” course.

It is a known fact that many marriages end in divorce when there is a child with a disability.Sheri and Bob Stritof discuss this in the To read more, please click onto: • THE IMPACT OF A DISABLED CHILD ON YOUR MARRIAGE Lisa, a mother of a son with Autism, writes of the impact this has had on her and her minister husband. Joe and Cindi Ferrini understand these challenges all too well from first-hand experience of working together with their own children, who have special needs.She also writes of the impact it has on other marriages. Marriage is hard enough without adding autism to the mix. The benefits of a strong and happy marriage are worth so much more to our children than anything else that we can give them.” “One article immediately caught my eye. It was well-written and contained solid principles and advice. In the following article they share practical tips that you may find helpful as you glean through the information they give: • CONQUERING COMMUNICATION We also found a Resource List that will help those dealing with Autism in their family. However, if you are dealing with a different type of disability that is affecting your marriage, you can put that term into their “Site Search” to see what they make available to help you.But “[My son] Morgan’s misbehavior and antics brought to the surface some ugly attitudes in me and the children that we dealt with including lessons on: learning to deal with a handicapped person, dealing with frustration, anger, and irresponsible behavior. working as a team and being able to laugh through it all… “Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with a few moms who were in that ‘shell-shocked’ state of a new autism diagnosis. One of the things she writes is that: “An estimated 25% to 33% of marriages break up within a year of the birth of a handicapped child. Resolve now, before you do anything else, that you will still be each other’s greatest priority. Give each other space to handle the grief differently, without passing judgment. Remember that if you walk through this valley together, your marriage can emerge stronger and more precious to you than you had ever thought possible.” article, she writes about the fact that she struggled with the gloomy reports she heard.Learning to Act rather than react.” To read more, please click onto: • THE BLESSING OF PARENTING A CHILD WITH AUTISM It’s important to look realistically at the impact that disabled children can have upon a marriage. There are many parents who divorce when their children have special challenges. “Did the gloomy statistics about parenting kids with special needs mean our marriage was bound to fail?

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For over a decade, we have been working on behalf of individuals across the state of California who have a range of developmental, emotional and physical disabilities.

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