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About a third of subdural hematomas happen in older adults.In babies, subdural hematomas are often from shaken baby syndrome.In people 50 and older, subdural hematomas can be present for days or weeks.These are called chronic subdural hematoma because the blood clot changes into liquid. Possible causes for a subdural hematoma include: A subdural hematoma may cause symptoms right away (acute), or it may slowly grow and cause symptoms at a later time.You may need to have one or more tests, such as: Protecting yourself from head injuries may help prevent subdural hematomas.It is important to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle, scooter, bicycle, or skateboard.

This can be from a car crash, fall, or violent attack.

It usually results from tears in bridging veins that cross the subdural space.

Subdural hematomas may cause an increase in intracranial pressure (ICP), which in turn can cause compression of and damage to delicate brain tissue.

You may be asked when you first noticed the symptoms.

Your doctor may ask you to do some simple things, such as touching your finger to your nose.

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