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Swagger Lesson 1: Confidence Can Be Cultivated One of the biggest lies going is that you’re either born with confidence or you aren’t.

Far from the exaggerated confidence of the arrogant, a man who has swagger is easy going, with an extra spring in his step that men and women alike notice. Read on, because the key to cultivating swag is a lot easier than you think.

You can also gain confidence, and thus, swagger, by hitting the gym or acquiring new skills.

Put simply, swagger is just a series of behaviors, one that any man can learn and cultivate. Simple things like walking tall and smiling will give you greater confidence.

I used to be subscribed to Heyimbee when she uploaded minecraft videos. And at the time I was play minecraft 24/7 so I watch a lot of minecraft You Tubers. As a matter of fact I ship Swagger Souls and Hey Im Bee, and have been shipping them ever since their VRChat date video which both Swagger Souls and Hey Im Bee posted their own edited versions of (it was super cute).The two things that you need above all for swagger are good posture and a good smile.These are things that you can and should practice in front of your bathroom mirror. On Jan 5, 2019 the Misfits uploaded a video titled christmas but it's scuffed, most of the video is just the misfits having fun on christmas but at in the video I noticed someone.. You see at the time I was a fan of Hey Im Bee but didn't really know who Swagger Souls was, but soon became a big fan of his as well and learned a bit about the two of them from their videos, I also became a fan of the Misfits all together and started watching their podcast and eventually found the Misfits You Tube channel which at the time didn't have much content but eventually they started to actually upload on it (here's where it gets real spicy).

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