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The source spreadsheet of this chronology is available here.Note: CEPR Recession shading for quarters follows the trough method used by FRED to compute NBER Recession Inndicators for the United States (see here).While most papers dealing with business cycle dates rely on one specific method, I present and discuss a number of different dating approaches based on the classical business cycle.These are applied to German GDP data comprising 1970–2006.I also benefited from comments by Klaus-Jürgen Gern and the participants of a workshop in Dresden and a seminar in Würzburg.O euro faz 20 anos em 2019, o que é motivo de celebração.Philippe Weil, (Chair, 2012- ), 2003- , ULB and CEPRRefet Gürkaynak, (Vice Chair, 2019-) 2012- , Bilkent University and CEPRJohn Fernald, 2019-, INSEAD, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and CEPREvi Pappa, 2019-, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and CEPRAntonella Trigari, 2019-, Bocconi University and CEPR The CEPR and EABCN have partnered to jointly support and expand the activities of the EABCDC.The Committee will pursue its dating of the troughs and peaks of euro area business cycles but it will also launch a series of research initiatives destined to monitor and better understand aggregate economic developments in the euro area.

Its main conclusion is that since the last trough in 2013Q1, the euro area has been recovering at a slow but steady pace.While the CEPR Euro Area Business Cycle Dating Committee has been conceived to operate in a manner similar to the NBER Business Cycle Dating Committee, its deliberations and timing of announcements are independent.The Committee also had to adapt the NBER definition of a recession to reflect specific features of the euro area.· Unlike NBER, the CEPR committee dates episodes in terms of quarters rather than months.Although output increased 4.03 per cent from trough to peak, this was not enough to bring euro-area GDP back to its pre-financial crisis level: at the end of the expansion in 2011Q3, GDP was about 2% below its previous 2008Q1 peak.The Committee’s procedure for identifying turning points differs from the two-quarter rule in a number of ways.

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