Dating vintage levi jackets

Levi’s 517 – This is a style that has a subtle flare, which we love.

Depending on the era of your 517 it can be high waist or more of a mid-rise. The flare on the 517 is slight, so it gives you a chance to create the illusion of longer legs with a heel peeking out of that little bell. The back and front panels are equal width, unlike the 501. Like the 517, a 505 from the 70s will have a higher waist than a pair from the 80s or 90s.

I mean, they are the classic wardrobe staple and have been for almost 150 years so I’m not sure if they were ever out of style!And -- if you want to pass on the bells and whistles, an oversized jean jacket still packs a punch and makes a statement.Levi’s® outerwear and jean jackets for women are always one step ahead of the trend.Whatever the season or the weather may be, Levi’s® outerwear and jean jackets for women add a comfortable extra layer (while keeping your personal style intact).Always made with durability in mind, we ensure that our jackets are made to last you more than just the season, but an entire lifetime.

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