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This time she is here to tell you to get off the computer and into the swim of things by reactivating your social life.

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” Martinet’s very sensible and sweet guide to friendship — everything from being a good host and a good guest, to traveling with friends — contains great advice, funny things you always forget to do and some deep wisdom about the need to sometimes lie, if it is done with love.

As an only child, I have found forging friendships difficult and I always envy the people who do it with fun and ease.

I’d say this book is a happy meeting between Noel Coward and Nora Ephron, sophisticated, richly humorous, and oddly enough, full of excellent advice for the little apocalypses we encounter every day.” — A. Taylor Author of “It’s like Douglas Adams and Marian Keyes got together and made a light-hearted love child, then she grew up and wrote this book…

I cannot even begin to tell you all the ways I loved this book.” — Reeka Boland Life Is Friends “Funny, light, and practical — filled with tips on getting over hosting phobia, initiating adult style ‘play dates’ with new friends, and embracing the ebb and flow of friendships.” — The Huffington Post “This is one listening experience that may just change your life.” — Publishers Weekly “The new loneliness isn’t a crowded room.

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