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That’s a difficult question right now just because I look at dating differently now.You look on the outside and think, “I’m going to Bora Bora, I’m gonna be naked with 20 something women,” right?However, I’m a Big Brother Fan and it was great meeting Ma Ma Da, Victor and Paul.Paul came to David and I’s hotel room with his guitar and I was lucky to have my own concert with those two.

You’re always surprised how everybody is, but there’s limited information.You have to think that y’all see an hour for a week or so of what really happened.I’m 31, so being in this place, ideally the next person I’m in an exclusive relationship with will be my wife.I think that was important to me because sometimes it was difficult for people to get an exact feel for what your personality is in that setting and I’m somebody that loves people.If we didn’t get along romantically, I truly can’t think of anybody that I have anything negatively to say about us as individuals.

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